Full Service Repair Department

Is your pump noisy? Do you have a leaking filter? Is your salt system on the blink? If so, we have the solution for your problem.


 At Palm Springs Pool Service we have an experienced repair department ready to diagnose and repair any problem, small or large.

We repair and replace equipment: pumps, motors, filters, controllers, lights, air blowers, cleaners, timers, salt systems, heaters, freeze guards, valves, autofills and plumbing. We address something as small as a leaking valve to replacing all the equipment at the pad.


Give us a call so we can evaluate the problem and make appropriate recommendations.


When you hire our team, you'll get the excellent customer service and quality workmanship you deserve. We pride ourselves on offering great value while keeping our rates reasonable and affordable. And when you choose us, you can rest assured that we'll work quickly and efficiently to address your needs in a timely fashion.


Proper maintenance is imperative to prolonging the life span of your swimming pool. The professionals at Palm Springs Pool Service will keep your pool clean and in good working condition year round.

Your pool should be a safe, fun place for your family and friends to enjoy, not a harbor for bacteria and other harmful organisms. We offer a variety of service plans to choose from so you can make sure your pool remains in top shape, even during the off season.

Palm Springs Pool Service can provide all the services necessary to keep your pool looking crystal clear, including but not limited to:

        Treating the pool water with necessary chemicals
        Routine weekly, monthly, or one-time cleanings
        Maintenance of pool parts and equipment
        Repairs to broken parts and equipment

You can trust the professionals at Palm Springs Pool Service to be available promptly and provide expedient service. Whether you need to setup recurring service or just need help fixing a broken part, call Palm Springs Pool Service today to schedule an estimate.


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Fountain Service

Palms Springs Pool Service provides regular cleaning maintenance and equipment repair for fountains.


Palms Springs Pool Service performs inspections of pools and spas. If you are considering buying a house that has a pool, consider having an inspection done by a seasoned pool professional. Home inspectors may claim that they are certified to inspect pools, but usually they also recommend a pool professional. Reports typically include detailed itemized descriptions with appropriate photographs and ballpark cost estimates.